All White In Barking

2007 | 72 & 60 Minutes

Directed by Marc Isaacs · Produced by Rachel Wexler


The town of Barking near London is in flux. With the traditional white working class residents leaving just as quickly as immigrants from all over the world arrive. Probing with charm and humour, the filmmaker Marc Isaacs delves into the lives and views of five people who all call Barking home.

Filmmaker, Marc Isaacs, examines with charm and humour modern attitudes towards race in Barking, a white working class town to the East of London. Through the lives of five key characters from different ethnic backgrounds, Isaacs, a prominent but unseen presence, questions prejudices, and pries at preconceptions with remarkable results. The film at times plays like a Mike Leigh comedy, particularly when the filmmaker urges a white resident to meet up with her Nigerian neighbours.

Monty and Betty