Star Men

2015 | 90 & 60 minutes

Directed by Alison Rose · Produced by Alison Rose. Executive Producer Jez Lewis


Four exceptional astronomers celebrate 50 years of work and friendship on a return road trip in the southwestern United States, recapturing youthful adventures and recounting each other’s influences on the most exciting period in astronomy’s history.

Leaders in their field, they helped build the world’s biggest observatories and made revolutionary discoveries about the evolving universe, discoveries that have the power to change the way humanity sees itself.

Now in old age and facing death, they reunite to attempt an arduous hike that nearly defeated them in their youth. Their journey through memory and the breath-taking landscape provokes them to reflect on how their profound work on the universe has reflected back on the individual, affecting their sense of faith, how life may have purpose, and what is knowable and unknowable.